22 Ağustos 2011 Pazartesi

pearl jam belgeseli '' twenty '' nin soundtrack albümünde yer alacak şarkılar:

CD - 1

“Release” Verona, Italy
“Alive” Seattle
“Garden” Zurich, Switzerland
“Why Go” Hamburg, Germany
“Black” MTV Unplugged
“Blood” Auckland, New Zealand
“Last Exit” Taipei, Taiwan
“Not For You” Manila, Philippines
“Do the Evolution” Monkeywrench Radio
“Thumbing My Way” Seattle
“Crown of Thorns” Las Vegas
“Let Me Sleep” - (Christmas Time) Verona, Italy
“Walk With Me” - Mountain View, Calif.
“Just Breathe" - "Saturday Night Live"

CD - 2
“Say Hello 2 Heaven” - Demo
“Times of Trouble” - Demo
“Acoustic #1” - Demo
“It Ain’t Like That” - Demo
“Need to Know” - Demo
“Be Like Wind” - Demo
“Given to Fly” - Instrumental
“Nothing as It Seems” - Demo
“Nothing as It Seems” - Seattle
“Indifference” - Bologna, Italy
“Of the Girl” - Instrumental
“Faithfull” - Pistoia, Italy
“Bu$hleaguer” - Uniondale, N.Y.
“Betterman” - New York
“Rearviewmirror” - Los Angeles

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